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Posts Comments. Looking for a Usenet provider that accepts bitcoin? Farm, and SunnyUsenet. Enjoy some of the best deals of courtesy of top Usenet providers. Make sure to keep an eye on this post mid-week as we plan to get the Black Friday deals rolling a little early this time around.

Like most merchants, a number of Usenet providers like to keep their Black Friday promotions secret until they launch. The details for some will start to materialize closer to Thanksgiving Day. No worries though as we plan to carry all the promotions. Our list of deals will be updated as Black Friday draws closer so please check back for the best deals of Click on any provider below or visit the Newsgroup Reviews home page for more info.

Read our Newshosting review for details. This is the best dal for experiences users. Read our UNS review to learn more about the service. Read our Easynews review to learn more. With a free upgrade to Mbit if you top off 90 days of credit. Read our Eweka review to learn more. Read our Supernews review for more details. Read our NewsDemon review to learn more. Read our ThunderNews review to learn more. NewsLeecher offers unlimited access to newsgroups along with free SSL encryption and 30 connections.The Usenet services are ranked based on factors including retention, performance, reliability, extra features, pricing and support.

The top recommended providers offer the most retention and the largest, fastest, most redundant, and most reliable networks. Please check back often as our list will be updated based on quality of service and new or expanded offerings. Members have unlimited access to their news servers in the US and Europe. You can use the Newshosting client to search for content, preview, and download from your favorite newsgroups. You can even schedule searches to grab content as soon as it hits Usenet.

Newshosting kindly offers our visitors a discount. Newshosting is at the top of the Usenet industry for a number of reasons.

usenet deals reddit

For starters they offer very high binary retention across all newsgroups, both text and binary, and across all servers. You get the same deep retention regardless of newsgroup or server. With other services, your mileage may vary. Their Usenet servers are placed in strategic locations in the US and Europe to allow for very fast connections. You can expect knowledgeable answers if you need technical support.

As a long time Newshosting members I highly recommend them to my own family and friends. Newshosting continues to innovate. Newshosting has their own Usenet client software with built-in search. Those who prefer a web-based client can easily use SABnzbd as well.

Newshosting now offer VPN access as well. Those who sign up for our annual special receive unlimited VPN free of charge. UseNetServer is all about quality and value. They come in a close second in our rankings. The only big difference is that Newshosting offers their own newsreader software. They host news servers in the US and Europe to support high speed connections. The UNS team is kindly offering our guests a discount.

UseNetServer has been a leading Usenet provider for a long time now. They offer great service at a very reasonable price. You can expect very high retention and excellent speeds from their service.

I have used it through the years without any issues. They have a solid support staff if you have any technical questions. The addition of VPN allows users to protect their privacy and access content in other countries. From there you can access channels just like a local would.

Easynews is our choice for the best provider for those new to Usenet. They are the only service to offer a full featured web Usenet interface. You can easily search for content, preview, and download directly from their site.

Another unique feature is that Easynews allows you to access Usenet on mobile devices. Normally, Usenet access is limited to desktop. Not to confuse anyone, NNTP is the same access offered by the rest of the industry.

You just log into the Easynews site and search for your favorite content. They have a number of filtering options.Today, it is about as common as torrents. Usenet is one of the oldest Internet-based information exchange system, dating back to It is essentially a distributed messaging system.

Best Usenet providers of 2020

Messages are stored on Usenet servers—AKA news servers which are all interconnected and constantly synchronizing their contents. There are text messages but also binary ones which can contain any type of data, including video or audio files. Messages are stored in a hierarchical fashion in containers called newsgroups.

With message size being often limited, most files are split into segments stored in consecutive messages on Usenet servers. A special kind of software called a Usenet client or a newsreader is used to access Usenet servers, read and post messages and handle the download of files. Is it Legal? How to Get Started With. The Usenet itself provides no indexing of content or searching capabilities. This makes finding specific content a bit complicated.

Fortunately, indexing systems have been put in place in recent years and several web-based indexes are now available.

They generate special files—called NZB files—that instruct newsreaders to download all the segments of a given file. To get the best Usenet experience, the main thing you need is a good Usenet service provider. With so many suppliers available choosing, finding the right one can be a daunting task. Newshosting offers a very comprehensive, high-quality solution. With so many different Usenet client available on the Internet, choosing one is a complicated task.

Our goal is to try to help you pick the best client for your needs—one that will have all the features you may need, while being easy to configure and use. Considering that most Usenet services are not free, we concentrated our efforts on finding free Usenet clients. There are also some great paid options, but we felt that most users would prefer to use a free solution. And there are some excellent free Usenet clients available, as you shall soon see.Rotate image Save Cancel.

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usenet deals reddit

Next Last. Says 50GB limit and you have to contact support if you want more? Not bad for free but I'd go through that in no time at all. They flipped me over to the unlimited tier relatively quickly, probably within a couple of hours of my request, and have yet to ask for payment.

I'm still extremely satisfied with Ninja. Does it start billing as soon as they sort out the issue? The whole free until fixing the billing no system thing seems It isn't hard to bill someone! Their own FAQ says margins are razor thin I had to rapidly find a new payment processor after some unexpected changes late last month. I am on track to setup processing via a new system but this is leaving a lot of people wanting to sign up without access to the system.

Until this happens I have decided to shoulder the costs for both existing customers and anyone wanting to sign up and give the platform a go until then. Activating new accounts without any billing information and just an email can result in some abuse cases which will be costly on my end. As a compromise, I am asking for SMS verification to activate a new account. Making sure it's one account per user for personal purposes. Existing Customers Free unlimited access.

The new system is live now but please let me know if you have issues with activation. Thanks again to everyone in the community for helping me grow - it's not always smooth sailing! I really like the way that Ninja is using the difficulty of getting a payment processor to grow their customer base and build loyalty.

I signed up for the free account, and after using the 50GB, they switched me to unlimited. I will use them in the future once the payment process is working.

In contrast, Astraweb recently lost the ability to bill with PayPal. As a result, they abruptly terminated a large number of customer accounts without no warning and asked customers to reactivate their account at a "special price". The new price was higher than price I had been paying, so they have permanently lost me as customer.

EDIT: I just realized that this deal was posted in hot deals already! Pay by CC or PayPal. On the next screen just go back to this link above. Select the plan again, the way you want to pay and then input the coupon code in the box below. This price is apparently locked in for the lifetime of the account.

Oh yeah apparently if you are already a member and have a block account or other service with these guys, you can't just upgrade. You have to create a new account. I just subscribed, figured with the 30 Day guarantee I cancel if something better comes out from them or someone else. The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Usenet. Their last black friday deal of 50pounds is expiring on the 26th!Rotate image Save Cancel.

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Best Usenet Provider 2020 (Updated Monthly)

Next Last. Total beginner hoping to get into usenet. Sounds like I need indexer and provider subscriptions.

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Any v-tines deals coming up I wonder? I'm happy with usenet farm and have been with them for a few years now. Last edited by jackie on Feb 13th, pm, edited 1 time in total.

Last edited by bogolisk on Feb 14th, pm, edited 1 time in total. The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Usenet. FrugalUsenet has a free valentines weekend thing going on.

Unlimited usage and unlimited speeds. From their reddit post: With that said, for those that still need convincing to see that Frugal Usenet is the 1 account to have in your newsreader, take the holiday weekend to see for yourself. Sign up at the link below and get free, no strings attached access no posting until Sunday night.

Ditch your current servers for the weekend and see what Frugal can do for you. NewsgroupDirect decided to do a Valentine's promo as well. Another deal is on. Congrats to the Winners! Thread Information There is currently 1 user viewing this thread.These Usenet providers give you access to lots of uncensored newsgroups at a good price and fast download speeds with the privacy protections of SSL and no logging. Which is the best Usenet provider for uncensored newsgroup downloads?

Plus, Usenet is also a safe way to get the content you love. This is thanks to strong encrypted connections SSL between you and the Usenet servers and no logs being kept of your activities. We should also not forget, this being Usenet, that these services let you to participate in the zany, chaotic, and completely uncensored world of newsgroup discussions, if you like.

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There are now over Usenet providers to choose from. But don't worry, further below we provide a detailed guide on what to look for when trying to figure out the best Usenet provider for you. Based on our own research and trials, these are the top 3 Usenet providers in April Try risk-free for 14 days.

Best Usenet Providers of 2020

Let's take a closer look at the top Usenet providers on the market today. We give you the pros and cons for each. Eweka is a good-quality Usenet provider with a generous free trial. Newcomers to Usenet are better off trying one of the other providers above, but advanced Usenet users should definitely check out UsenetServer. Giganews is best known for its high-quality customer support and its fast download speeds with all plans. If you prefer to try out Giganews before committing to it, they offer a generous day free trial for all plans too.

Giganews offers a free trial on all of its Usenet accounts. Overall Best Usenet. Best Quality. Best Speeds. USA servers. Europe servers. Free Trial. Free, easy-to-use newsreader included. Free zero-logs VPN for annual subscribers.Rotate image Save Cancel.

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usenet deals reddit

Next Last. I'm not really super active on the trackers as I only have a few items for my wife that I couldn't find on usenet. I believe AlphaRatio is another easy to get into one or at least was at some point. Personally, on the tracker side Torrentleech pretty much covers all my needs.

NZBCat has a sub sale and has a raffle promotion going on as part of the subscription sale. Nzbgeek has a lifetime pass for 20 usd for today only. Hey guys, I'm going to lean on the RFD community to try and educate me on this whole 'usenet' phenomena. My understanding is that you need an actual Usenet sub something like Newshostinga client I believe this is my 'downloader', something like SABnzbhd and finally an indexer this searches the Usenet for results, something like NZBGeek.

Now, I believe some Usenets actually have the indexer included, such as Newshosting. Is that correct? Do any usenet's have all three included? Thanks in advance! You can use their web interface to find stuff while you research indexers and download clients. When you are ready, you can configure Easynews to use with indexers and download clients.

Do you have a preferred indexer and client you're using? Does anyone have a good up to date guide for this? You could ask there. About unpacking I find geek is ok only for mostly popular and newish stuff.

I was considering dog too but they seem way too expensive unless they really are amazing and at the top of the indexer game which doesn't seem the case from most reviews.

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Also how good is drunkenslug especially for books and TV?

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